Taylor Swift goes No. 1 on iTunes Canada with 8 seconds of static: LISTEN.




If there’s ever been any question about the power of Taylor Swift’s name to move records, this should dispel it. Some sort of glitch in the Canadian version of iTunes Tuesday morning led to the release of what was ostensibly a new track from her album. The record, for now titled only “Track 3,” is nothing more than 8 seconds of static, but that didn’t stop fans from taking it straight to No. 1.

As of this morning the 8 seconds of white noise—which we should have embedded for your pleasure shortly—remains at No. 1, where it sits just ahead, of course, two other songs from Taylor Swift.

this is important. this is the most important thing to happen to pop music in decades.

can’t wait for taylor swift’s new album: ‘Metal Machine Music’

Taylor Swift - I’m coming through the garden no sound no memory

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aesthetic: 1970s dadcore

  • listens to rush & queen
  • leather jackets and bootcut jeans
  • remembers when lotr gained a cult following
  • played d&d, now DMs for son’s saturday night campaigns
  • connoisseur of cult fantasy art
  • drinks cheap beer in the garage while playing pool
  • smells faintly of cigarette smoke
  • owns a harley
  • gives the distinct impression of being slightly sweaty at all times
  • really, really likes star trek

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What the fuck is the “super” in superwholock supposed to represent

Sigh. Look at this plebian. Lets get this cleared up once and for all:


"Super" = Superbad


"Who" = The Hoobs


"Lock" = John Locke from Lost

Now can we please never have a misunderstanding about this again


Well im glad that’s cleared up

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a few days ago bf told me that a couple years ago when he played counterstrike he would respond to dudes getting angry and aggressive and hostile by saying “a kissaroo from me to you” in a slightly goofy friendly voice sort of like the voice you’d associate with a dog muppet.  he said they would absolutely lose their shit every time, insisting things like “i dont want a kissaroo from you!  only tall blonde girls!”.  they always said kissaroo.  i cant stop thinking about this

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